August 2022 Jackson Hole Real Estate Market Update

Three quarters of the way through 2022 the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market continues to show signs up strength.

Inventory is showing signs of leveling out, up 5% month over month.  Inventory has increased significantly since the spring, up 180% since May.  While we traditionally see a seasonal increase in listings May-July this is larger than historical averages. With that being said, the number of current listings is still historically very low, at 62% of the market average.

Pending properties have increase 44% month over month.  This is a good sign that the new listings are being absorbed and not stacking up. Listings are the crystal ball of a real estate markets direction.  If listings were increasing, and sales were not, that is an unhealthy sign.  The fact pending sales are increasing is a healthy sign.

Sales are also trending up, increasing 29% month over month.

Overall the Jackson Hole Real Estate market still very healthy, and continues to be faring much better than other national real estate markets.

For a more in depth discussion, or for a more specific to you run down of the Jackson Hole Real Estate Market please do not hesitate to reach out.